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Welcome to Country

Welcome to Country

Before we welcome you here today, we want to pay our respect to these lands and waters that provides us.

We also acknowledge and pay our respect to our ancestors that walked before us and looked after our Country. We hold a special place in our hearts for our ancestors who are now gone to the dreamtime.

We acknowledge our elders who are the knowledge holders of country and the younger generation who are our hope and future and one day will be the caretakers of Country.                    

As Traditional Owners, it is our duty to look after this Country and share our knowledge so that this Country can stay healthy.

There’s an old saying down here in our Country, if you have healthy Country, you have healthy people.

We also welcome our mainstream communities and visitors to our Country.

There’s only one thing that we ask: That when you are in our Country you respect this Country.

We ask that you don’t do wrong on our Country, and you look after this Country. In return we will ask our creator for the sun to bring you new energy by day, the moon to softly restore you by night and the rain to wash away your worries. May the breeze from our mother mountains Gulaga blow new strength into your being. May you walk gently through our sacred Country and know of its beauty every day.

So, on that note we welcome you here today – WALAWANNA!


Thank you, 

Nar-Oo-Ma Aboriginal Cultural Tours team 


Tour services

Private Tours & Bookings

Looking for something special?

Nar-Oo-Ma Aboriginal Cultural Tours is also available for private events, tours and hire. 

Private event bookings can include a dedicated captain and deck hand and are available for up to 25 guests. 

Guests may also opt for a self-drive experience for bookings of up to 12 people.


Contact us now to discuss your requirements


Nar-Oo-Ma Aboriginal
Cultural Tours 

Nar-Oo-Ma Aboriginal Cultural Tours is a proudly Aboriginal owned and operated business, we employ local Indigenous people who are proud to share their traditional knowledge of this region. Offering a range of tours throughout Narooma's idyllic Wagonga inlet, we offer two daily tours, as well a corporate events, workshops and multi-day education programs. 


Join us aboard our custom-made tour boat and experience Narooma like you've never seen it before - through the eyes of its first inhabitants, the Walbunja people of the Yuin Nation. 

Learn about hunting and gathering the region's unique bush tucker, watch traditional Aboriginal dances and hear music as old as the land itself, spot wildlife and grow to understand the rich cultural heritage of the region that continues to be practiced today. 

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